Trikolonion Country

There were four impressive masonry buildings of the 19th century. The main one had served at times as a Girls’ Boarding School, an Agricultural School, as well as a hotel. Country Club renovated the buildings, joined them together and created one of the most beautiful “family” hotels in Europe. 14 rooms, and four suites of refined character and excellent aesthetics reflected in every detail, give their own unique meaning to the word hospitality. Hospitality, which we, as the new hotel management since 25.01.2013, we aspire to provide our guests.

Following the Country Club tradition, Trikolonio couples elements of the local architecture with classical and modern references. The decoration is complemented with authentic lithographs and engravings by artists such as Tsarouhis, Fasianos, Mitaras, Moralis, Galtemis and Pantelias. The pictures at the living room space: “Stemnitsa by candlelight” and at the reception room: “the Olive Tree”, both are by Nalbantis. The hotel is adorned with engravings by Kamarinos. Public spaces have been lined with solid wood. The rooms have been decorated in three colour tones, while the suites carry unique ornamental characteristics.