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Trikolonion Country Hotel is located in the central square of Stemnitsa, where you can escape to nearby settlements.

Stemnitsa is 45 km away from Tripoli, 30 km from Vitina, 10 km from Dimitsana, 10 km from Elliniko and 16 km from Karytaina.Stemnitsa is the base of the municipality of Trikolonon and it is known for its imposing tower-houses, stone paths and centenarian trees. Its central square attracts the visitor in the first sight, due to the vividness of the place with the modern-traditional cafes and the unforgettable tavernas. It is of no coincidence that it is regarded one of the most beautiful villages in Arcadia and it is a popular destination for recreational road trips,for revitilisation and relaxation.

Discover its unique beauty! Visit the distinguished Stemnitsa School of Silvery in the cenre of the village and the Pera Meria hillside. You can go on a short trip to the open-air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana, a nearby equally beautiful village, with historic interest and learn about the Secret School or the Ancient Gortys. Ostrakina ski resort is another option you have as well as the gorge of Lusios River where you can also go rafting. There are numerous options for every taste.


Karytena is built on the top of a hill round a medieval castle. The settlement stands out for the medieval atmosphere that is attached to the specific style of the houses, the castle and the byzantine churches.

It has been recognized as a traditional settlement, as it preserves the sense of life in a medieval castle-town. The castle, built at the top of the hill above the village,is naturally the main attraction. It is over 110 meters long and more than 40m. wide. The walls of the castle reach a height of up to 7 meters and a width of up to 2.Near Karytena flows the river Alfeios,which forms the western Karytena Big Canyon, contributing to the natural fortification of the area. Karytena is an impressive sight to the visitor who looks at it from afar. It used to be depicted on the one side of the 5000 drachmas banknote not long ago. The well-known author Nikos Kazantzakis visited Karytena and compared it to Toledo, impressed by the similarities of the two towns.

Kapsia Cave

Cave experts have classified the Kapsia Cave as the 10th most remarkable cave in the Greek territory.

It is situated in the district of the closed geological basin of the Mantineia plateau and it is connected to an elaborate system of natural septic tanks that characterize the local aquifer.

Lousios River

Οne of the finest routes along the river and its gorge leads to the breathtaking monasteries.

Tributary of Alfeios River, every inch of its length (25km) is characerised by unique natural beauty. The gorge is 15km long. Thanks to its rich flora and fauna, the area has been declared protected area. Due to the large number of monasteries built along its banks it has been declared area of archaeological interest. It is appropriate for kayak and rafting. It is only 68,8km. far from Tripoli which takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes by car.


Dimitsana is a stone-built settlement with remarkable mansions,most of which are restored today and have been declareded traditional.

Very near the settlement you can find the Outdoor Waterway Museum that was inaugurated in 1997 after the restoration of the abandoned pre-industrial facilities, that were based on hydropower.

Filosofou Monastery

The Filosofou Monastery is a benchmark for the greek revolution as well as the secret school during occupation.

It is only 1 hour drive from Tripoli. It is a monastery built in 1963A.D. along the Lousios gorge.

Prodromos Monastery Arcadia

The Prodromos monastery (Timiou Prodromou) is built on a huge vertical rock inside Lousios river gorge and offers a thrilling enthusiasm to the visitors of historical Greek region.

In addition to its architectural specificity, this monastery has played a very important role during the Greek revolution against the Turkish occupation in the 18th and 19th century, as it served as a medical station for the injured Greek fighters and as a supply station for the Greek soldiers. Bullets from the Turkish guns on the main entrance door are indicative of the fights that took place a few centuries ago! Timiou Prodromou monastery was built in the 16th century and is located on the picturesque and full of trees canyon of the river Lousios in Arcadia prefecture, Peloponnese. Stemnista is the closest to the monastery village, from which you can take your car in order to reach the parking areas from where you can walk inside Lousios gorge.

Saint Theodora Vasta Church

A religious monument built on Lyceo Mountain at 800m. altitude.

Unbelievable though it is, 17 big trees grow through its small roof ! In a distance of only 52,7 km., just 1 hour drive from Tripoli.

Mainalon Mountain & Ski Resort

Protected area(Natura 2000). With Ostrakina its highest peak 1982m. high., the mountain range is characterized by various geomorphological formations. 

Μoreover it is characterized by a rare and sensitive ecosystem, with abundant conifer forests, herbaceous plants and flowers, diverse bir species and fauna.Stemnitsa, Vitina, Karytena, Libovisi(home of the Kolokotronis family), Elatie, Alonistena, Chrisovitsi, and others are some of  the  picturesque traditional villages close to  Thimitsana, which constitute some of the most popular touristic destinations. In Mount Mainalon at 1650m. there are 8 ski slopes suitable for ski, 4 lifts, and a chalet where you can rent your ski equipment. The footpath called  mainalo trial has been recently certified. It is only a 30 minutes’ drive from Tripoli.
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