Trikolonion – Map and Route

The route is 200 km long and about 2.5 to 3 hours. There are three options:

1. Through Megalopoli.
It’s a safe road (not affected by snow) and fairly easy but longer then the rest. Take the National Athens-Corinth highway. 11 kilometers after the Isthmus of Corinth, follow the highway left toward Tripoli. Reaching Tripoli, do not turn into the city but continue straight to Megalopoli (22 kilometers). Once there, follow the signs to “Andritsaina-Dimitsana”. Immediately after the main square of Megalopoli, turn right toward Karitaina and continue on a straight course until you leave the town. Follow the signs toward “Elliniko”. Passing Elliniko, continue in the direction of Stemnitsa. The hotel is located in the center of Stemnitsa on the right side of the road.

2. Through Vitina.
A beautiful route but during the winter the road is often closed due to heavy snow-fall. Again, take the National Highway toward Tripoli, but after the Artemision tunnel, immediately after the toll station, at the junction of Nestanis, take the country road 74 toward the villages of Kapsia, Levidi and Vitina. At the crossroads right after the village of Methidrio, 5 kilometers after Vitina, turn left and follow the signs to Elati, Libovisi, Chrisovitsi. After 15 kilometers on an asphalt road you will reach the Tripoli-Stemnitsa crossroads, (you will see a farmland with wooden houses) where you will turn right toward Stemnitsa (and Elliniko). After passing the crossroads continue for 10 kilometers, and at the first crossroads turn right to Stemnitsa, which you will reach after 3 km.

3. Through Vitina and Dimitsana.
A pleasurable route but you have to make sure that it’s open and that there is no fog. Up to Vitina, it’s the same route with the previous one. Continuing after Vitina you do not turn toward Elati but keep on until you reach the crossroads for the village of Karkalou, 15 km after Vitina, where you take a left following the signs for Dimitsana. You cross Dimitsana and keep on toward Stemnitsa which is the next village, about 8 km from Dimitsana.